Presented here is a random sampling of photos of petrified bones
discovered by Ed Conrad in Pennsylvania's anthracite region.
All are embedded in slate (or shale), which means they had existed
before the hardening of the slushy material in which they are embedded.
Perhaps the most golden rule of geology is that
coal is of Carboniferous age, having solidified
a minimum of 280 million years ago.
Established science also has long contended that
anthracite is the oldest of the coals, a minimum
of 300 million years old.

Intriguing specimen of a petrified object is revealed. Close-up views below are just as puzzling as to its identity.

The package of Lark 100's cigarettes in many of the photos had been used by Ed Conrad to offer a comparison of the size of the specimens.
Excellent examples of well-preserved petrified bones embedded in slate.

Petrified bones are shown from different angles.

Misc. collection of examples of petrified bones