This is a petrified canine tooth from a large land animal that also was found by Ed Conrad in Carboniferous strata. The tip had broken off but fits almost perfectly.


It is commonly, but erroneously, believed that soft organs can never petrify, but a group of scientists in recent years has confirmed that it indeed takes place.

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z5gall.jpg : This is the petrified human gall bladder on which a CATscan was performed and revealed, rather amazingly, that it contains a gall stone.

z3dino.jpg: Dinosaur foot. Two of the three toes of a petrified dinosaur foot are embedded in slate. The third toe, which should be on the left, became visible when Ed Conrad removed a bit of the slate that covered it.

z10strata.jpg: This photo shows undisturbed Carboniferous strata (which has several coal veins above it that are not shown). It reveals an assortment of petrified bones and possibly petrified teeth and organs in situ.

z9lung.jpg: One of Ed Conrad's most intriguing specimens is a petrified human lung which also was buried between coal veins in Pennsylvania's anthracite region.

embryos.jpg: Could these two specimens possibly be petrified embryos?

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