Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies Edition Journalist Review

Quick Extender Pro Penis Rectifier Efficiency

Men, like women, experience many intimate problems. One such problem is the curvature of the penis, which is the main symptom of Peyronie’s disease. Due to the congenital or acquired curvature of the penis, men often experience sexual dysfunction, which manifests itself in the form of a weak erection, premature ejaculation, etc. In addition, the curvature of the penis causes it to decrease due to uneven lines.

In order to get rid of the curvature of the penis, men need to try to find an effective tool that will help smooth the penis smoothly. The most effective, safe, and most importantly proven means of eliminating the curvature of the penis is the use of the Quick Extender Pro. Thanks to the unique DSS technology, the angle of curvature of a member can become smoother from 40 or more degrees to 0.

A professor at the University of Turin, Paolo Gontero, during the experiment, found out that the technology underlying the Quick Extender Pro can not only relieve symptoms of Peyronie’s disease but also increase the size of the genital organ by 32%.

Features of DSS Technology

The Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies Edition is the only device in the world whose manufacturer introduced the innovative Double Strap Support technology. The main feature of DSS technology is that during the operation of the extender the maximum tension of the penis is provided along the entire length, starting from its base and ending with the glans penis. In addition, this technology provides users with maximum comfort during operation.

Why is DSS technology so effective?

Here are a few key points that explain the high degree of efficiency of a Quick Extender Pro installation with DSS technology:

  • Quick Extender Pro over a long period of time was developed by a group of American scientists who managed to create a unique and effective technology;
  • The efficiency and safety of the rectifier have been repeatedly tested in clinical trials;
  • Quick Extender Pro is a certified product that is recommended by leading experts in the field of modern medicine;
  • Reviews about the device are positive, confirming the safe and effective operation of the extender;
  • The high quality of the device is due to the use of medical materials – plastic, metal, and silicone.

Components of the Quick Extender Pro Extender

One of the main advantages of the Quick Extender Pro device is its compactness and simplicity of its design. Among the set of component parts, the user will find – plastic support plates and two silicone rings, silicone tubes, a set of metal extensions, with which you can adjust the optimal size of the pulling metal rods.

Vitamin E in Quick Extender Pro

The package of the Quick Extender Pro package, in addition to additional spare parts and detailed video instructions, includes the packaging of vitamin E tablets. Vitamin E is an important element that is necessary to maintain the health of the whole body, in particular hair, skin, and nails. In the process of aligning the curvature of the penis, as well as increasing its parameters, micro-injury of the skin occurs.

In order to repair damaged cells, the body needs more than ever a portion of high-quality vitamin E. That is why the manufacturer put a package of vitamin E in the Quick Extender Pro package.

How to use the expander and when to wait for the results?

The operation process of the Quick Extender Pro expander is quite simple. It is necessary to use the device in the daytime when the level of sensitivity of the body can give a signal about improper fixation or wearing the extender.

The daily wearing time of the Quick Extender Pro expander should be between 5 and 10 hours. In the first month of using the installation, the daily rate of wearing the extender is 5 hours. Further, the wearing time must be increased by an hour every week, ultimately reaching 10 hours. The course of using the innovative expansion device is from 4 to 8 months.

The first results of the operation of the Quick Extender Pro expansion unit become noticeable after 14 to 30 days. However, in order to achieve the maximum result, which will remain for several years, you should undergo a full course of treatment.

Frequently asked Questions

In the process of choosing the Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronies Edition, users may have a wide variety of questions that we will try to answer right now.

Safety and efficiency of the extender

Safety of the rectifier Quick Extender Pro has been tested many times during independent research, during which their multifunctionality was additionally confirmed. The fact of the study is confirmed by quality certificates.

Materials of which the rectifier is made

Extender Quick Extender Pro is a high-quality installation made of hypoallergenic materials, namely plastic, silicone, and metal.

Side effects

The likelihood of side effects is possible only in case of improper fixation and operation of the extender. Negative adverse reactions are manifested in the form of sprains, scratches, pain and hematomas.

Where to buy the original Quick Extender Pro Extender?

You can buy the original Quick Extender Pro rectifier only on the official website of the manufacturer. In order to place an order, it is enough to fill out a short form with an additional indication of the delivery address.

Device cost

The price of the Quick Extender Pro device is only $ 180. Note that on the manufacturer’s official website, the user has the opportunity to purchase goods at a discounted promotional price.

Delivery of goods

Regardless of where the customer lives in the world, you can buy goods with delivery to any region. The buyer independently chooses the most preferred delivery method.

Quality assurance

The manufacturer guarantees all customers the high quality and effectiveness of its product. If the user does not receive the result promised by the manufacturer, he can always be sure that the developer will return the money spent to him.

What problems can I solve with the Quick Extender Pro?

The main goal of developing the device is to align and correct the congenital or acquired curvature of the penis. At the same time, the user will experience a significant improvement in sexual function. After completing a full course of using the device, a man once and for all can forget about a weak erection, premature ejaculation, and low libido.

Quick Extender Pro is one of the best devices, with the help of which you can once and for all forget about the negative manifestations of Peyronie’s disease. A patented extender whose high quality, effectiveness, and safety are evidenced by quality certificates. The price of the rectifier is affordable and loyal to all residents of the world. Therefore, now order the Quick Extender Pro expansion installation on the official website of the manufacturer.


What should be the best penis straightener?

Many men ask this question. If we talk about the characteristics, here are 10 main ones :

  1. Extender must be of high quality.
    This is an important principle, as there are many fakes on the market, which are sold both at well-known marketplaces and infamous online stores. Chinese extenders are very dangerous devices that are made of low-quality materials, they have a terrible assembly, they break quickly and this can happen at any time. Such devices do not comply with medical standards, materials are not medical, and their operation is safe.
  2. Pay attention only to big names. We are talking about the fact that such brands as Quick Extender Pro , SizeGenetics, Penimaster Chrome , Phallosan Forte , Male Edge have long been known on the market . It makes no sense to look for something cheaper, or something less known, but with some incredible capabilities. Nothing new has been invented yet, Penis traction technology works exactly on the principle that DanaMedic once introduced in its Jes Extender . This principle is still valid, although it has been nearly 20 years old.
  3. The main problem with strap extenders, which use rods and screws to adjust tension in their mechanism, is the slipping of the penis from the structure. In simple terms – the penis pops out of the strap with which it rests on the base. As a result, the use of an extender becomes ineffective. Even if the penis does not hold firmly and the settings are slightly shifted – all the work is useless. The essence of penis stretching technology is in constant tension with a certain force. If this principle is not supported, then the device becomes useless. That is why Quick Extender Pro stands out against its competitor by the presence of its DSS technology, which with the help of 2 straps holds the penis and prevents it from falling out of the structure and shifting settings.
  4. It is important that the extender offers a special version for straightening the penis. Usually, extenders such as Male Edge , Penimaster or Phallosan Forte can be used to straighten the penis, but they have no special design. Like they pull, enlarge the penis and straighten. As a rule, this is not so, and their use is not so effective, because a curved penis needs a special device design that will make its use effective and help correct penile curvature in a short period of time (1-5 months)
  5. Often men complain that having bought a device for straightening the penis was disappointed with the result of his work, in this case, you need to be able to return the money for him. And not all sellers support this option. For example, Quick Extender Pro offers its customers a refund within 180 days from the date of purchase.
  6. Comfort. At Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronie ‘ s Edition, a kit is a plurality of different spacers , that improve the level of comfort in the use of the device. These are consumables and they must be constantly changed if you want to protect your penis from the unpleasant sensations of the device.
  7. Multifunctional settings are also important. A good penis straightener will always have many settings and spare parts. For example, Quick Extender Pro offers many different rods of different sizes, as well as many tension levels that are adjusted using screws at the base of the rods.
  8. Additional tools for straightening the penis. This is a penis pump, comes with Quick Extender Pro and its use alone contributes to the effectiveness of penis traction technology
  9. The complex of bio-additives. Many experts in the field of member straightening will say that without special dietary supplements it is difficult to achieve a result. We are talking about pills that stimulate an erection. Buying the Quick Extender Pro Curvature and Peyronie’s ‘ s Edition, you also get to set the tablet RizerXL, which is designed by the same company. Their reception is very effective to achieve an early result.
  10. The price of the device and spare parts. So, it is important to understand that a device for straightening a penis should not be cheap, but it also makes no sense to buy expensive devices, especially if we are talking about strap extenders. The price of Quick Extender Pro is only $ 180, it is a version for straightening the penis. Also available are spare parts that can be ordered separately, if you have something lost or become worthless.