How does Quick Extender Pro Works? Instruction and Results(Before/After)

Effective pulling force: How does Quick Extender Pro work?

Extender – an orthopedic device for the penis. He is able to adjust its dimensions (length and girth) in a time frame that is not much longer than surgical intervention suggests. But the undoubted advantage of using a stretcher is its complete safety for life and health, as well as the absence of the need to change the way of life during use.

1) Why is Quick Extender Pro the best extender on the market? (technology, comfort, safety, etc.)

Leadership Factors Quick Extender Pro

In fact, there are a lot of extenders on the market. They are produced both by well-known companies, and Chinese manufacturers are not lagging behind, which fill the market with cheap, but questionable products from the point of view of safety.

The technologies used in Quick Extender Pro provide it with three success factors:

  • safety – the use of an extender is not associated with a risk to life, as well as the occurrence of injuries and injuries;
  • the comfort of use – a minimum of device elements and their manufacturing technology create the necessary maximum that is necessary for the user for convenience during training;
  • special fastening technology – Quick Extender Pro belongs to rod extenders, however, it has a special two-loop fastening of two silicone loops, while the tension is evenly distributed and prevents the device from slipping, providing a double grip.

2) Proven Penis traction technology

Penis traction – physiology of stretching

In order for the device to work, the Quick Extender Pro implements all the basics of Penis traction technology, a technique based on the principle of mechanotransduction. Despite the abundance of complex terms, the essence of this method lies in the physiological response of the body to the force created by the extender.

Every day, increasing the tension force, micro-ruptures are formed in the stretched cells of the tissues of the organ, since the thinnest cell membranes are torn under the influence of load. This situation allows the body to start a regenerative process – mechanotransduction, which consists of activating the division of cell layers at the breakpoints. New cells are completed on both sides at the site of injury, and as a result, instead of the destroyed one layer, two new ones are formed.

Thus, a permanent result is ensured, which is in demand not only by individual users but also in penis surgery.

The use of extenders in the postoperative period is always necessary since there is always a risk of developing keloid scars at the incision sites, which can negatively affect the length of the penis and the proportions of its size. Extenders prevent scarring and allow you to maintain size in the postoperative period.

3) How this Quick Extender Pro works

Efficiency factors: how it works

Quick Extender Pro is fully compliant with Penis traction technology. A certain force is generated between the anatomical base and the two-loop grip with the help of extensions and a tension regulator.

It affects not only the outer covers of the penis but also its internal structures. As a result of prolonged stretching, microfractures are formed.

Their thickness does not allow bleeding or complete rupture of tissue. But at the same time, this is enough to increase the length by 2-4 layers of new cells, which are formed in the process of mechanotransduction, day after day.

This technology is a guarantee of the irreversibility of the process. That is, after use, the results obtained will remain and the penis will not return to its original values.

4) What is included in the packages of extenders, except for Curvature. Parts overview

Package overview: from standard to limited

Quick Extender Pro comes in 3 main packages, which have significant differences not only in price but also in the composition of components:

  • Value Edition – a package with a minimum, but sufficient for the first use, a complete set, which includes: a device, 8 extensions (6 short and 2 medium), 2 silicone loops, 2 hypoallergenic polyurethane pads for additional comfort, 2 calibrated springs with tensile force up to 3000 g. In addition, the set includes a travel case, reference illustrated material, training video, measuring tape and diary for monitoring results and maintaining a training plan.
  • Deluxe Standard Edition – this package is expanded not only with additional accessories, but also with the tensile force of the springs. It includes: extender, 12 extenders (4 long, 2 medium and 6 short), 6 silicone loops; 6 hypoallergenic polyurethane pads; 4 springs with a calibrated force of 3500 g. Also included in the kit: a special case, a cover, reference and training materials, as well as a measuring tape and a diary for easy monitoring and planning of training;
  • The Deluxe Limited Edition is the most complete set, optimal for those who are determined to get results, since the number of components allows you to select the length of the rods as accurately as possible and completely provides the user with consumables for the entire course. This package includes: extender; 14 extension cords (6 long, 2 medium and 6 short); 12 silicone loops; 12 hypoallergenic polyurethane pads; 6 barbell pads that prevent metal contact with genital skin; springs with a calibrated force of 4000 g. Also includes a mahogany case, training materials, diary and measuring tape. The highlight of this package is the presence of a penis pump. This accessory will allow you to consolidate the results of the extender and increase the blood circulation to the erectile tissues, which has a beneficial effect on erection.

5) What is 4000 g thrust for? How to use it?

Maximum Effort: How to Apply 4000g Traction

Springs are included in each package. Their calibrated force ranges from 2500 g to 4000 g. They are part of the boom. Their purpose is to create a tensile force.

Usually, for beginners, it is recommended to start with the minimum values, including the spring caliber. This is to minimize the risk of uncontrolled tension. The maximum caliber is usually used by experienced users. It creates the maximum effort required during basic workouts.

You can also start with this type of springs, but set the shims to a minimum. A gradual increase in effort will provide permanent results. It also minimizes the manipulation of disassembling and reassembling the rods to change springs.

Important: when using a spring with a caliber of 4000 g, do not turn the shims to the maximum during the adaptive period, as this may cause injury.

6) How to assemble an extender?

The principle of assembling the device: we act in stages

As a rule, the extender is delivered unassembled. To build it and start using it, do the following:

  • it is necessary to fix the spring mechanism to the base and insert the spring into it;
  • insert extension cords into the spring mechanism, focusing on the length of the non-erect penis, increased by 10 mm;
  • for those who are uncomfortable with metal contact, you need to wear polyurethane foam bar pads on the rods;
  • we close the ends of the bars with the penis bed, inserting them into the corresponding holes of the plastic element;
  • we attach 2 silicone loops to the penis bed, threading each one into the holes allocated for them, without twisting or creating a cruciform grip.

The device is then ready for use.

7) How to use it? Step by step

Step by step instructions for effective use

Training with Quick Extender Pro should follow a specific scenario, from which it is better not to retreat at first.

Step 1. Adaptation

This period usually takes 2 to 4 weeks, depending on individual sensitivity. During this period, the wearing time is practically equal to the break time. Until you get used to the sensations, do not lengthen the workout time too much. For example, if you start at 30 minutes, the diagram should look like this:

  • 10 minutes of stretching;
  • 10 minute break;
  • 10 minutes of stretching.

During the break, you need to lightly massage the penis to normalize blood circulation.

With each workout, stretching times increase and the number and length of breaks decrease. For example, a 60 minute adaptive workout would look like this:

  • 15 minutes of stretching;
  • 10 minute break;
  • 15 minutes of stretching;
  • 10 minute break;
  • 15 minutes of stretching.

A total of 4 weeks should be allocated for the adaptation period. Using the extender 6 days a week and adding 5-10 minutes daily, during this time you need to get used to a workout duration of 4-5 hours with 1-2 breaks. As a rule, 8-10 mm of length is added on average during this period.

Step 2. Main stage

At this stage, it is necessary to move from the minimum tension loads, as well as increase the length of the rods. It is necessary to monitor the effort and gradually continue to increase it. If at the beginning 2500 g springs were used, then they must be changed to more elastic ones.

In any case, the main reference point in training is your own feelings, not a stopwatch. If the use of the device does not cause any sensations, then the tension and length of the rods should be increased. The optimal sensation is itching and a slight tingling sensation – this is a signal that mechanotransduction is continuing. Strong pain is a signal that the effort needs to be weakened.

During this stage, you need to continue to increase the training time. Adding 5 minutes every other day. If the comfort of training allows, then it is necessary to bring the use of the extender to 6-9 hours.

The duration of this stage is 2-3 months. The average performance indicators should be at least 16-25 mm.

Step 3. Consolidation of results

This stage involves using the maximum capabilities of Quick Extender Pro to consolidate and build up the results. The length of the rods will need to be increased. If a set of extension cords is not enough, then you will have to buy them on the official website.

This stage lasts from 4 to 6-9 months. Training time 6-9 hours 6 times a week. The results are 20-30 mm.

After this stage, you need to take a break. Since the continuation can lead to imbalances in the organ.

8) Frequently asked questions

Five questions about Quick Extender Pro

Topical questions about this device, as a rule, are related to purpose, purchase ability, security and privacy of purchase.

Quick Extender Pro belongs to medical devices, do you need a doctor’s prescription to buy it?

No. The user can purchase and use the extender independently, without medical supervision, since its use does not pose a health risk.

Is training safe with Quick Extender Pro?

The technology and principle of action are based on the therapeutic method Penis traction, which is used in the postoperative period of penis surgery. Therefore, when following the instructions, such training is not associated with a risk to the integrity of the organ and the health of the user.

What does the extender consist of, what materials are used in its production?

The device consists of 3 main components: a thrust ring (base), barbells and a penis bed. The penis bed and thrust ring are made of hypoallergenic flexible medical grade plastic, free from phthalates and other harmful impurities. Extruded aluminum is used for the rods.

Where can you buy Quick Extender Pro?

Only on the official website. All devices that can be found on trading floors are counterfeit.

Will the purchase be kept confidential?

Yes, this applies not only to the registration of the parcel but also to the bank account statement.

9) All the advantages of buying this particular device (quality, price, warranty, delivery, trust in the seller, support service)

Where to Buy Quick Extender Pro? Secret Coupon: MOPHP80

Quick Extender Pro is a time-tested extender with over 2 million units sold to date. He owes this success:

  • the principle of action based on the scientifically-based Penis traction method;
  • the permanence of the result due to the action of the processes of mechanotransduction and regeneration;
  • proportionality of the length extension;
  • lack of pain during training;
  • two-loop gripper that evenly distributes the load.

Users also appreciated the support service, ready to provide advice on any issue and an extended manufacturer’s warranty for 6 months. During this period, you can return the device and reimburse the purchase cost.

If we compare the cost of penis enlargement surgery and the price of Quick Extender Pro, then buying it will significantly save money, since it is several tens of times lower than standard surgical intervention.

When placing an order on the official website, the device will be promptly delivered to the recipient in neutral packaging to ensure the confidentiality of the purchase.

10) What do men say about the device?

Quick Extender Pro Customer Reviews and Results(Before/After pictures)

A significant number of users – men of different ages and occupations – did not hesitate to leave their opinion about the experience with Quick Extender Pro. This information can be found on the official website or in personal Internet blogs, as well as on specialized forums. Here are a few of them:

Ted, driver, 40 : by the nature of the activity, you have to constantly sit and initially did not believe that Quick Extender Pro would not interfere with the profession, nevertheless, the device justified not only its name but also expectations – it is really fast and quite convenient;

Alexander, manager, 28 : my range of sensations – from panic to delight, at first I could not get used to it for a long time, but the overlays simplified adaptation, my result is 2 inches in 6 months and insane confidence in my sex appeal;

Vernon, builder, 52 : the only regret is why I didn’t do it before, my stubbornness did not allow me to establish a normal sex life for a long time. But now – I am in perfect order and grateful to those who came up with Quick Extender Pro, since it did not bother me during my work activity and allowed me to save a lot of bucks on operations, now my wife and I will send them on a new honeymoon. My results are 3 inches in 9 months! Try it too!

11) Conclusions – the most effective device

Quick Extender Pro: When there is no doubt about the result

The penis extender effect is a combination of technology, quality, and thoughtful design. Despite the fact that the classic loop grip is used, the extender provides comfort for training and the use of the device during work.

The compact design makes it possible to wear it under clothes without unnecessary inconvenience. The two-loop gripper not only provides secure fastening but also distributes the force evenly.

The combination of a maximum tension of 4000 g and two loops are the optimal factors for the efficiency of the device and the promptness of the results.

More than two million men have already changed their lives for the better, because Quick Extender Pro is an extender you can trust.

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